It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s safe.

“Topper” is a single person sailing dinghy. Small, light and super easy to pick up the basics.

The International Topper Sailing Association in India has been established to promote the Topper class boats for casual sailing as well as competitive races. Its a fairly easy and gentle dinghy class – so we encourage adventure enthusiasts of all age groups to join in. Membership is open as well as coaching camps are conducted in Pavana Lake, Mumbai, Surat & Goa.

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 International Topper Class Association, India – Office bearers:

President : Joe Nejedly
Vice President : Pradip Sagar
Treasurer : Gyan Correa
Secretary : Parveen Sikand
Joint Secretary : Dhanya Pilo
Fleet Captain : Gautama Dutta
Class Coach : Nadar Murgan