1. What is Sailing? Moving a vessel over water using wind energy.
  2. “Topper” is a single person sailing dinghy. Small, light and super easy to pick up the basics. It’s a fairly easy and gentle dinghy class – so we encourage adventure enthusiasts of all age groups to join in.
  3. ITCA International Topper Sailing Association in India has been established to promote the ‘Topper’ class boats for casual sailing as well as competitive races.
  4. Weekends only: Our weekend training and practice sessions will show you the ropes of the sport as well as give you a thrill of connecting with nature in a new way. Once we have more demand – we will activate sessions during the week
  5. Gear We have the required gear and lifejackets ready for you to learn.
  6. Small Groups: We run batches of 5-10 people at a time so bring your gang, and make a great weekend of it. Small group means more personalised sailing time.
  7. Venue: during Nov 2017- May 2018 we operate out of  Manoribel, (Marve beach, Mumbai. During Monsoons – Jun -Oct 2018 – at Thakursai, Pavana Lake, Lonavala)
  8. Sessions: The sessions will start with mix of theory + demos and continue with practical sessions on water + feedback sessions.
  9. Clothing: Shorts & T-shirt, swim wear, keds, sunblock, a cap, sun glasses, mosquito repellant. Dress light. Check weather reports.
  10.  Safety: It’s important to carefully listen and understand rules set out by the instructor for the sessions. Remember, safety first – no stepping off land without a life-jacket!
  11. Drinking Water: Keep drinking lots of water through the day, there is a tendency to get dehydrated.
  12. Boarding & lodging & Food : Not included in our package. In case you don’t want to travel daily to the venue, You may directly approach nearby places for the same. Since the sessions are for the whole day you may carry your own lunch/snacks/picnic basket or eat at nearby restaurants.
  13.  No refunds.
Happy Sailing! See you on the waters!